Weekly Astrology Forecast, March 3-9, 2024: Seeing Potential

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As the planets shift and dance in the cosmos this week, so do the many aspects and archetypes within us.

Mercury continues to make its way through the water sign of Pisces and initiates a dreamy contact with Neptune before entering the fiery astrological sign of Aries. There’s movement in our minds, a new knowing related to our inner landscape, and a setting of the tone for Mercury retrograde next month.

Weekly Astrology Forecast for March 3-9, 2024

March 3: Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus
March 4: Moon enters Capricorn; Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus
March 5: Moon trine Jupiter
March 6: Moon trine Uranus and Neptune
March 7: Moon enters Aquarius; Sun opposes Lilith
March 8: Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces
March 9: Mercury enters Aries; Moon enters Pisces; Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Pisces

Mercury Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Mercury has been floating through the waters of Pisces since February 23, 2024. This week, the cosmic partnership draws to a close. But before that happens, Mercury comes into a conjunction, or a meeting, with Neptune, also in Pisces, on March 8, 2024.

In astrology, Mercury is known as our cosmic messenger. It is the mind, how we think, what we think about, how we learn, and what we want to learn. It is absorbing and processing information from our environment and building the landscape of our minds. This landscape turns into our perceptions, our understandings, our logic, and our mental patterns through which we filter everything. 

Neptune, on the other hand, is less an energy that we can intellectualize and more one that we can feel, know, and become one with for a moment. Neptune is a doorway into the imagined, creative, and intuitive realm beyond all things physical. It is where we meld with the eternal hum of oneness that exists beyond all separation. Neptune takes us past the personal identity through which we have been building, refining, and understanding ourselves our entire lives and reminds us of a space where there is no “I” and only “All.”

Pisces, a water sign, has the tendency to blur the boundaries between reality and potential. (Illustration gogoloji | Getty)

We see and know our reality through the constructs and structures of our minds, namely through our beliefs, perspectives, narratives, and ideas. Yet as Mercury and Neptune come together, there is a blurring of the mental patterns through which we experience the world around us. Neptune begins to gently dissolve the constructs within our minds by delicately reminding us that they are exactly that—constructs. These constructs allow us to move through the world as who we are, yet they also limit us, inhibit us, and hide much from our view.

The coming together of the mind and the mystical allows us to see into spaces and truths that are only ours to see. It is an opening of the mind, intuition, creativity, and heightened imagination. It is an expansion of awareness into the oneness where all potential exists.

Mercury Enters Aries

A day after Mercury comes together with Neptune in the constellation of Pisces, the cosmic messenger emerges from the waters of Pisces and enters Aries on March 9, 2024.

Our first sign of the zodiac, Aries is fire. Aries is quick. Aries is passionate. Aries is excited. Aries is bold. Aries is courageous. It acts on its dreams and desires with confidence. And it arrives when we are ready to begin again.

The movement of any planet from Pisces to Aries is a pivotal and impactful moment. Pisces is the final sign on the zodiac circle. Aries is the first. Whereas Pisces is the All, Aries is the Self. Mercury in Aries brings a focus to our desires. While Mercury in Pisces blurs, Mercury in Aries directs. While Mercury in Pisces moves beyond “I” into “All,” Mercury in Aries builds and feeds our sense of the individual self.

The symbol or glyph for the fire sign of Aries, one of the 12 signs of the zodiac, representing the weekly astrology forecast
An iconic fire sign symbolized by the horns of a ram, Aries initiates action but with purpose—and it compels us to do the same. (Illustration: gogoloji | Getty)

Mercury’s final moments in Pisces and its partnership with Neptune open us to the All and remind us to dream beyond what we know. Mercury moving into Aries offers an opportunity to begin integrating all that we came to understand about Self and direct that awareness into purpose and action. The Neptunian knowing that we are held in each moment by something larger than us becomes courage and confidence as we move through the world.

This movement into Aries also asks us to become careful observers. What desires arise? What becomes exciting to think and talk about? What steps are we are currently walking through the remainder of this month? With Mercury about to begin its first retrograde of the year in Aries beginning April 1, we will soon be retracing this space, which is important enough for us to turn back and go through it again. There is wisdom here. There are insights here. And there are messages and guidance here worth observing. Mercury will remain in Aries until May 15, 2024.

Your Invitation

As Mercury comes together with Neptune, it floats our awareness into the spaces where everything exists as potential. It returns us to the energetic, the spiritual, the creative, the intuitive. In these moments, there is an expansion that happens, similar to what happens in our experiences with meditating, learning spiritual truths, or hearing whispers within the silence.

These moments change us. They open us. They expand us. They remind us that so much is possible beyond the confines of what we have learned and who we have learned we need to be. And they assure us of the divine dance of life that supports us in each moment.

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