What the New Moon in Pisces March 2024 Means for You

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The new Moon in Pisces marks the final new Moon of the astrological year. It allows us to find closure from the past. It also opens the doorway to an expanded consciousness, one that can feel the future we are about to live.

When is the New Moon in March 2024?

The new Moon exact is March 10, 2024, at 1:01 am PT.

What the New Moon in Pisces Means for You

This new Moon in Pisces can help you understand the vastness of your energy and your potential. It’s a time to feel your interconnectedness and know that everything you desire is already yours. You do not need to control every detail. Instead, hold the vision of what you want today. Feel it, be it, and believe that it is already real. Then allow it to happen by following the flow of your life.

The new Moon in Pisces is a magical time to feel your intuition and open yourself up to universal guidance. Like many new Moons, it’s an opportunity to set intentions that call in the vibrations needed to manifest your dreams. On a new Moon in Pisces, though, the cosmos supports you in leaving room for what you can’t imagine.

It’s a time to be fluid with your intentions and feel that you are co-creating your reality. You are working with the energy available to you, so it’s important to be receptive on this new Moon. Before setting your intentions, spend time in meditation, becoming open to guidance and information coming into your consciousness. Watch for signs and serendipity on this day. Feel the Universe working with you and dance in its rhythm.

A water sign, Pisces plunges the depths and expanses of intuition and compassion. During the new Moon on March 10, 2024, you can simply feel rather than figure things out. (Photo: gogoloji | Getty)

It’s also important to be fully present with yourself on this new Moon. Limit your distractions and commit yourself to being in every moment with your full awareness. Through this present awareness, observe your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

Also, notice the actions happening around you in the flow of the Universe, creating the beautiful symphony of life. This new Moon is for being rather than doing. Set aside some time to do nothing this day and let your mind wander. Indulge in daydreaming and nurture your creativity, giving it space to breathe. Ask yourself some questions, but instead of forcing or looking for answers, let them appear naturally. Follow your intuitive hits even if they don’t make sense at the time.

On this new Moon in Pisces, ask yourself what needs to align. Then do not look for the answer, but simply put the question out there and wait for the information you need to appear. Ask yourself what you need to feel worthy of your intentions. Ask yourself what you need to raise your vibration. Ask your mind what it needs to trust and surrender to the unfolding process of your life. Ask your emotions what they need to feel held, supported, and seen. Then sit with yourself and observe each of these parts of your being speak and share information on how to heal your soul.

A new Moon is a time to expand your consciousness. Ask yourself where you are limited and what is preventing you from seeing the bigger picture of your life. Do you feel one with the energy of the cosmos? What will help you honor and feel the connection that all human beings possess?

Open yourself up to the possibility that everything you desire is already yours. Then identify any barriers you’ve built within your own mind that prevent you from receiving the energy you’re already connected to in your field. Many of these barriers are results of places that need healing, but they also can be the results of limitations you’ve placed on your imagination and creativity. Renew your trust in magic and let yourself embrace the notion that it exists and you are connected to it.

Other Astrological Influences on the New Moon in March 2024

This new Moon in Pisces works strongly with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus helps us break through old patterns that prevent our growth and expansion. It helps us transform through revelations.

A vibrant yellow ink symbol for the astrological glyph Taurus, which is an earth sign influencing the new Moon in Pisces March 2024.
The undercurrent of the grounded sign of Taurus influences the new Moon in March 2024. It quietly supports Uranus in helping you release old patterns and thoughts so you may let the wisdom of Pisces infiltrate your life. (Photo: gogoloji | Getty)

The energy of Uranus, though, can feel shocking to our nervous system. This may be especially true on a new Moon in Pisces, which tends to have a softer feel to it. Be open to experiencing the truth of your existence. Some of these truths might feel confrontational, or you may not want to face them. They are the pathway forward, though. Through experiencing the truth of your vibration, you can shift it. You can break through old patterns that keep you attached to the past and alter your consciousness to include new possibilities.

As you work with the energy of Uranus this new Moon in Pisces, focus on the blocks or barriers preventing you from aligning with your visions. Uranus can help you dissolve or shift these blocks. Ask yourself, if you are connected to everything, and it’s already yours, why are you not living your highest visions? Perhaps you are living them in some areas, but are you living them in every area of your life?

It’s possible to have everything you could dream of. The key, though, is to recognize where you limit yourself. No one else is limiting you. It’s only you placing hurdles and blocks between yourself and your visions. Blocks and barriers can look like many things. They can be issues of unworthiness. They can be limiting beliefs of what you think is possible. They can be fears of success or failure.

A quote in black font on a white background about allowing yourself to feel on the new Moon in Pisces in March 2024.
(Illustration: Unknown)

Your Invitations From the New Moon in March 2024

Before writing intentions this new Moon in Pisces, feel how you limit yourself. Do you self-sabotage? Do you believe in your power of manifestation? Do you have attachments to the past that prevent you from moving forward? Do you not believe you are worthy of your visions?

As you identify these blocks, ask Uranus for support in breaking through them. Become aware of them and ask yourself where they come from. Are they simply habits that need to be broken or are they deeply rooted in your vibration?

Also, ask yourself what you need to heal to help break down these barriers and open the floodgates to the resonance of your visions. Spend time with yourself, your intuition, and your feelings this new Moon. Know you have all the answers you will ever need within yourself. You always have the power to heal, manifest, and create.

Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, and her energy reminds us that we are spiritual beings in a human form. Throughout Pisces season and the new Moon in Pisces, it’s a time to practice being the most observant self or the witness self. It is a time to watch sensations within, letting them pass instead of reacting to them.

This non-reaction is the heart of mindfulness meditation, which starts by observing the feelings in each area of the body. By placing awareness methodically on each part of the body, we are holding space for sensations and emotions to be felt, seen, and released.

The purpose of meditation is to train the conscious and subconscious mind to not react to events internally or externally but merely observe them. True observation is an art form— one that takes time, commitment, and understanding.

You are the creator of your reality. Yes, you work with the Universe, but you are also the Universe. You are part of everything around you and connected to the vastness of the cosmos. Feel your infinite power this new Moon in March 2024 and feel the full potential of your life. Then, know it will happen and trust the process even if it sometimes doesn’t make sense. Show up for yourself and your visions, and the Universe will show up for you.

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